I'm a self-starting sort of chap, currently residing in the countryside around Bristol in the UK with my wife Stephanie, son Rupert and a giant Maine Coon cat, called Poppy.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Nottingham. I enjoyed a very privileged schooling at Trent College Independent School.

Played county football, hockey and cricket for Notts teams. I also became the youngest boy in the UK to play consistently in a men's 1st XI for a regional premier league club, I was Caythorpe's wicket-keeper, at 13 I think.

After my A-levels, I waved goodbye to Nottingham in order to pursue my cricket career more in the UCCE at Cardiff whilst getting to study languages. 


After a year of early morning bleep tests, nutritional lectures and constant training, all the fun had been sucked out of cricket for me, and I decided to call it a day and focus on my studies.

I left Cardiff, the first undergrad to have graduated having taken on two brand new languages from scratch. But more importantly for me, I left Cardiff with my then future wife, Steph. 

Steph and I went to live in Italy together for half a year and that's where we got engaged and where I started my first business.

Fast forward 10 more years to 2020 and I'm still happily married with my partner in crime, Steph. I'm still running my own businesses with my business partner Dan. I can now speak terrible French, OK Spanish, OK Italian and OK Portuguese (because Steph's half Brazilian and so I learned the lingo). I'm chasing the goal of being able to do a full Ironman triathlon and would love to get my golf handicap down to single figures.

Things I'm most grateful for in life are:

  • My loving family and wonderful friends.

  • Running water and getting to live in the UK where we are so fortunate to have so many things we take for granted on a daily basis.

  • Being my own boss and having the luxury of being able to work from wherever I want in the world.

  • My health. I'm so grateful to be able to do everything I do each day and enjoy life to the max.

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